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Herbal Powder
We offer natural and herbal powders for the growing needs. Made with proven extraction technology, these are ideal for overall health. The finest herbs offer multitude of benefits. They are great for the body, mind and spirit. Our herbal powders are easy to use, effective and very safe.
Cooking Spice Powder
Our cooking spices powders are authentically prepared. They are perfect in flavor, texture and  aroma. Also, these Indian spices offer several health benefits. We offer high-quality as well as affordable spices powders. They are hygienically prepared and carefully packed.
Confectionery Powder
Our confectionery powders are widely applicable for texture, flavor enhancement, improve shelf stability, etc. They are excellent in terms of use, safety and effectiveness. Our powders are food ingredients in various applications, like sugar confectionery, bakery, chocolate, and other foods.
Citric Acid
Amongst all the acids Citric Acid is comparatively a weaker kind of organic acid. It is available in different forms in this category. Like all the acids, this acid too is sour in taste. This is being used in food industry and also can be used as a cleaning agent.
Super Seasoning
Super Seasoning is a naturally extracted spice, which comes in the moisture free packaging of 500 gm. It is known for having 90% of purity, which makes it safer to use  in order to prepare delicious noodles.
Ayurvedic Leaves
For the purpose of treating and curing multiple health issues and beauty concerns offered Ayurvedic Leaves are being used. All these herbal natural extracts are tested on several parameters and proven effective.
Natural Herb Powder
A wide range of Natural Herb Powders is available for adding quality, purity as well as effectiveness to the medicines, cosmetics and other end-products.
Herbs And Ayurveda Powder
Herbs and Ayurveda Powder provide huge benefits and comfort in living. These powders helps in providing a proper healing and also keeps you protected from various diseases.They are also used to nourish the hairs and add shine to them. They are very effective and safe to use. 
Ayurvedic Powders And Herbal Powders
Ayurvedic Powders and Herbal Powders are free from any added harmful chemicals. These powders help in cleaning the body from inside and also boost the immune system too.They are very much liked and appreciated by people, in the market. They are easy to use and simple to store. 
Cooking Spices
Cooking Spices contain multiple of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients beneficial for your body to be healthy. They are made by grinding the fresh herbs and stems into different forms. These spices add an awesome flavour, texture, and appearance to your dishes. They are very economical in nature. 
Ayurvedic Powder
Ayurvedic Powder are widely used to provide relaxment and calm to the mind and body. These powders are designed to cure various diseases and provides a better relief too. These powders are also helpful in improving the quality and quantity of your hairs. They also nourished your skin form inside. 
Rock Salt
Rock Salt help to treat sore throats and low sodium levels. This salt can be used for cooking, just like refined iodised salt. These salts are very easy to use and safe for your health.These salts are very effective and economical to use.
Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine comprises of those products which are mainly produced using ayurvedic herbs and plants. These products are tested under various parameters to ensure their high quality and good performance. These products are very much liked and used by people, around in the market.

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